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Toxicology provides unbiased, objective facts that can be used to structure treatment plans, understand the basis for relapse, and reduce dependency while improving overall quality of life. Addicted patients may need to undergo testing for both reported and unreported drugs in their systems and may require monitoring for longer periods of time in order to definitively avoid backsliding. What’s more, many addicts use street drugs to effectively manage both physical and psychological ailments that would be better treated with physician-prescribed pharmaceuticals. Therefore, drug monitoring for certain clients may become a lifelong necessity.

Towards a thriving partnership

It is clear that anyone working in the field of addiction is in dire need of not just a toxicology laboratory but a true partner in the pursuit of healing and recovery. At Spark Labs, we go above and beyond to provide outstanding service that is personalized and finely tailored to meet your unique needs. Prior to opening our labs, our management team specialized in medical marketing and management, giving us an uncommon insight into what makes a therapeutic practice thrive and flourish. We are excited to elevate your services to the next level through accurate, expedited, reliable testing.

What makes Spark Labs stand out?

  • Specialized expertise — We have developed advanced laboratory testing techniques to measure synthetic and illicit narcotics. Our highly trained toxicologists can help interpret results, giving you the upper hand when it comes to combating newer street drugs.
  • A commitment to education — In a field where change is a given, we provide knowledge and learning for addiction counselors and their staff so their treatment center can get ahead of new trends in drug abuse and addiction.  
  • State-of-the-art quality assurance — Spark Labs is licensed in 49 states and is CLIA certified and CAP proficient. We use a cutting-edge chemistry analyzer and elite LC/MS technology while adhering to all legal, regulatory, and ethical covenants.
  • Expedited, efficient results — Spark Labs is within the top 10% of facilities nationwide in terms of rapid turnaround times. Providers can expect an outcome within 24-48 hours in most cases. 
  • Flexibility and scaling — We can assist organizations of all sizes, from small local treatment centers to larger networks with multiple locations. 
  • Ease and convenience — Communication can be conducted via email, fax, live chat, phone, or text, and clients can make payments online through our secure, user-friendly portal. 
  • Concierge, boutique-style service — Each client receives personalized attention, prompt answers to their questions and concerns, and clear, concise onboarding to help make working with a new lab a breeze.
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What’s next?

We’re excited to speak with you and discover how we can play a role in helping to enhance your quality of care in the arena of addiction and recovery. Your service depends on how well clients comply with their treatment plans and stay clean. Our highly accurate confirmation testing is the only viable method of checking for both metabolites and parent compounds, leaving nothing to chance.

Our toxicology tests are constantly updated according to the DEA drug seizure reports as new narcotics are pumped into the mainstream. We can help rule out and differentiate medical conditions and can assist in establishing the best medications for clients sensitive to side effects. Reach us today via text, email, live chat, or phone to get started.

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