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We guide you through licensing, accreditation, inspection, and training and provide ongoing support to help navigate the testing process. Our team is passionate about partnering with providers across medical disciplines to reduce narcotic misuse and combat prescription drug over-dependency.

What We Offer

Physician office labs can increase efficiency, elevate income levels, reduce overall costs, protect patients and providers, deliver a streamlined, convenient patient experience, and promote the highest levels of safety and well-being.

We offer physician’s office lab testing to:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Psychiatric care providers
  • Internal medicine practices
  • Addiction specialists and treatment facilities
  • Pain management professionals

​What is high complexity (LC/MS) testing?

  • Helps you to create custom test menus
  • Allows for dozens of test choices
  • High degree of accuracy and precision
  • Lowered rate of cross-reactivity
  • Easy to test multiple specimens simultaneously
  • Actionable results within just minutes
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​What are the benefits of physician’s office drug testing?

  • No wait time for test results
  • Boosts practice income
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Helps monitor correct dosage
  • Evaluates noncompliance
  • Prevents negative drug interactions
  • Advanced, state-of-the-art technology
  • Continuous support and training
  • Increased certainty and security when creating a treatment plan
  • Personalized testing kits
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Why choose Spark Labs?

From our inception, Spark Labs has provided a solid basis for trust, reliability, and integrity when building lasting partnerships with independent clinics as well as large-scale healthcare networks. In all that we do, we aim to exceed your expectations for excellence and deliver a toxicology and drug testing solution that is state-of-the-art and at the forefront of modern, cutting-edge science.

Staying ahead of the curve

At Spark Labs, we are keenly aware that we work in a field where the landscape is constantly shifting. As new designer drugs and pharmaceuticals are introduced into the mainstream, our testing modalities and technologies must adjust to keep up with the times. We empower our clients through education, helping them to remain informed and knowledgeable through uncertain times.

Enhancing patient safety and overall health

Our leading toxicology services provide comprehensive drug testing menus that accurately detect and measure a wide array of pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, and opioids. Having the full picture of what is going on with each patient rather than just snapshots allows medical providers to deliver superior, game-changing treatment plans.

Our underlying philosophy of care

  • We respect and value the intrinsic worth of each human being
  • We act with integrity, transparency, and fairness
  • We invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest levels of precision and accuracy
  • We treat our providers with the utmost respect and personalized attention
  • We go above and beyond to ensure a quality experience 
  • We continue to educate ourselves and our providers, understanding that our work is never done

Protecting the patient

Our physician’s office drug testing solutions encourage open and honest dialogue between patient and doctor. Self-reporting is carefully reconciled with our accurate, timely test results, putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to assessing next steps in your treatment plan. On-demand toxicology can help prevent negative drug interactions and poor drug response as well as diagnose noncompliance.

Protecting the provider

Convenient, physician’s office drug testing can help provide fact-based, objective answers, revealing evidence of medications or illicit drugs in the patient’s system. This enhances your confidence and security when it comes to making vital decisions. Before prescribing medications, you’ll be able to know exactly what metabolites are present in the patient’s body. You’ll be able to decrease your liability by being able to detect and confront noncompliance.

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