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By employing a top-tier toxicology and drug testing firm such as Spark Labs, you are better able to provide the highest quality patient care while managing spending, staff, compliance, and a host of other operational tasks. We understand the constant pressure that can accompany your profession, and we want to be that silent partner that makes your job easier.

Staying on budget

Spark Labs can work with your organization to implement cost-effective toxicology solutions for therapeutic monitoring through our state-of-the-art CLIA certified, CAP-proficient laboratories. Our rapid turnaround times coupled with our meticulously detailed, highly sensitive, and customized panels mean enhanced certainty and security when executing your treatment plans. 

The absence of this kind of precision-based information can allow for unpredictable expenses and rising costs, setting you up for a financial crisis in a time when your services are more in demand than ever before. Our services allow providers to focus on what they do best: healing patients and ensuring their long-term health, well-being, and quality of life.

Addressing your complex needs

At Spark Labs, we work with a wide variety of healthcare providers that often have complicated testing needs. These include mental and behavioral health facilities, pain management clinics, and addiction treatment centers. Our tests are sophisticated enough to meet the needs of multiple practitioners all under one roof or across multiple locations. As new trends emerge in drug use and the prescription medication abuse epidemic rages on, we are constantly updating our technology and techniques to remain efficient and viable in a field where being up-to-date can mean the difference between life and death for certain individuals. Our primary goal is to help you obtain actionable, clear-cut results that are fact-based and scientifically sound.

Why choose Spark Labs?

  • State-of-the-art expertise — We offer top-tier testing techniques to assess synthetic and illicit narcotics as well as controlled substances. Our highly vetted, seasoned toxicologists can help interpret results, giving you a clear advantage in terms of formulating your treatment plans.
  • A passion for education — In a field where the landscape is constantly shifting, we empower our providers and their staff with the knowledge and information they need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating new trends in drug use and distribution. 
  • Impeccable quality assurance — Spark Labs is licensed in 49 states and is CLIA certified and CAP proficient. We utilize the most current industry chemistry analyzer and elite LC/MS technology while adhering to all legal, regulatory, and ethical guidelines.
  • Expedited, rapid results — Spark Labs has a turnaround rate within the top 10% of facilities nationwide. Practitioners can expect their results within 24-48 hours on average. 
  • Flexibility and scaling — Spark Labs works with hospital facilities and surgical centers of all sizes, from smaller local entities to larger networks with multiple locations across the country. 
  • Easy, convenient interface — We offer a streamlined web-based payment portal, and clients can communicate via email, fax, live chat, phone, or text. 
  • Concierge service — Clients receive personalized attention, prompt answers to their questions, and clear, concise onboarding to help make the transition to using our lab stress-free and seamless.
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What’s next?

We’re excited to meet with you and discover how we can assist you in your goal of improving your overall treatment process and elevating the healthcare system as a whole. 

Your facility’s reputation, efficiency, and safety are directly related to how reliable, rapid, and accurate your toxicology results are. We want to be a partner in your drive to exceed patient expectations. Reach us today via text, email, live chat, or phone to get started.

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