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Drug monitoring also ensures that patients are receiving the correct dosages of their medications. By detecting issues and concerns early on in the process, providers can help thwart more severe problems down the line. They can also more effectively and accurately revise patient treatment plans to achieve optimal psychological benefits.

Navigating the challenges of treating the mentally ill

Drug monitoring for the mentally ill can be especially challenging, as testing can produce anxiety that may be counteractive to a patient’s overall treatment. We understand this dilemma and aim to make the collection process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Portable microsampling can be used to minimize test time and provide a test experience that is most favorable to those who are mentally impaired.

Why is therapeutic drug monitoring so important?

Many patients diagnosed with psychological disorders will need to take medication for a lifetime, rather than temporarily, as might be common with physical ailments. This means that the patient may undergo many lifestyle changes and life events that affect their physiology, including pregnancy, illness, infection, stress, injury, and surgery. As the years pass, these patients may also experience additional chronic concerns (diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disorders, liver problems, HIV, cardiovascular ailments) that require additional medications, which might further complicate their medicinal regimen. 

It is plain to see that therapeutic drug monitoring must evolve and adjust to treat these patients through different life stages and experiences. It must accurately measure noncompliance and negative drug interactions while helping to determine the ideal dosage for each client at any point in time. 

At Spark Labs, we understand the significance of the service we provide and how it can impact patients over the span of their lifetime, not just in the short term. We provide personalized attention and concierge services, answering questions and concerns as they arise and acting as a partner in your mission to deliver outstanding, supportive care to all those who need it.

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Why choose Spark Labs?

Spark Labs is a national diagnostic lab that is on a mission to make a difference in the healthcare space by providing superior client care, concierge-level courtesy, and rapid, accurate results. Working with a wide range of providers, from private practices to large-scale networks, Spark Labs helps you make critical decisions that impact patient lives day in and day out. We offer:

  • National certification in 49 states with CAP proficient, CLIA compliant laboratories
  • Cutting-edge chemistry analysis and LC/MS technology
  • Advanced panels and platforms that detect specific drug analytes at their lowest levels and delve in further than routine tests
  • Rapid, accurate reporting that helps you make time-sensitive decisions
  • In the top 10% of labs nationwide in terms of turnaround time
  • Easy-to-access, secure web portal and online payment system
  • Access to our in-depth expertise and background in the medical management field
  • Personalized attention and support across all channels
  • Ability to communicate through your medium of choice, whether it be online, via text, live chat, or telephone
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What’s next?

We’re excited to speak with you and find out exactly how, when, and where we can support your practice. Our core mission is to help you accomplish your goal of taking patient care to the next level. 

By partnering with one of the most reliable, relatable, and credible drug monitoring firms in the nation today, you can ensure the well-being and quality of life of your patients — now and for years to come.

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