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They are equipped to deal with any problem that a patient presents, regardless of how common or rare the symptoms are. As a rule, those practicing internal medicine love to get to the root of their patients’ problems and provide solutions that are personalized, effective, and long-lasting. 

Why is Drug Monitoring Needed?

Because general internists often see patients dealing with concurrent illnesses and diseases, they are in special need of reliable and secure drug testing and toxicology to monitor the interactions of different drugs and ensure proper dosing. Drug monitoring is needed…

  • To monitor or manage overdose
  • To determine the correct dosage of a medication
  • To evaluate how medications operate in patients with multiple health problems
  • To minimize toxicity and prevent negative drug interactions
  • To reduce expenditures and reduce unnecessary lab work
  • To understand why a certain treatment isn’t working
  • To monitor how drugs interact with food

Our mission

Spark Labs is driven by a desire to reignite the humanity in the healthcare industry. With drug misuse and noncompliance on the rise, working with a state-of-the-art toxicology firm can provide a sense of stability and security when making crucial decisions. We are passionate about providing concierge, boutique-style services that cater to your unique practice needs and help you to take charge of the flow of information. Our aim is to form a trusted partnership with our clients, supporting them to be as effective and successful as possible in their treatments.

Drug monitoring has important implications for the legal protection of physicians

Our toxicology services and solutions provide critical protection against malpractice suits, helping you to adhere to federal compliance standards and regulations. Physicians who must legitimately prescribe opioids need to follow strict follow-up testing schedules and understand the laws in their state regarding managing pain medication prescriptions. You can count on Spark Labs as a trusted partner in the quest to provide exemplary service and safety for all patients.

Why choose Spark Labs?

Spark Labs stands out due to our commitment to remaining at the forefront of modern cutting-edge science and technology coupled with our genuine desire to elevate the healthcare system and fight the prescription drug abuse epidemic. We work with a wide range of providers, from single-practitioner offices to multilevel networks. We understand what’s at stake for you, your practice, and your patients and go above and beyond to exceed your expectations for excellence. We offer:

  • National certification in 49 states with CAP proficient, CLIA compliant laboratories
  • State-of-the-art chemistry analysis and advanced LC/MS technology
  • Rapid, accurate reporting that assists you in making time-sensitive decisions
  • Turnaround times in the top 10% of labs nationwide 
  • User-friendly, secure payment through our online web portal
  • In-depth expertise and an extensive background in the medical management field
  • Personalized attention, concierge service, and unlimited support across all channels
  • Swift communication via text, live chat, email, or telephone
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What’s next?

We at Spark Labs are excited to speak with you and discover how we can help your practice to thrive. Whether you are just starting out or you have been practicing medicine for decades, quick, accurate drug testing can help improve your workflow, prevent legal difficulties, ensure patient compliance and safety, and allow you to feel calm, confident, and secure in your decision-making process. We are eager to connect and collaborate with you, as we share your commitment to enhancing patient quality of life, peace of mind, and well-being. Contact us today via email, text, or phone to get started.

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